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This 360-Degree Leadership Feedback Assessment Tool is created and monitored by Professor Pat Bettin. This comprehensive leadership assessment is designed to help you identify critical strengths and areas for improvement as a leader. 

To protect the confidentiality of the assessment program the user accounts in this web site are secured through a unique user name and password.

The entire program could complete within days depending how quickly the evaluators (feedback providers) complete the questionnaire. It usually takes a while though to carefully select the individual evaluators and send out the mail.
360-degree Leadership Assessment is Managers development feedback that comes from all around the Manager. In this program the feedback comes from subordinates, peers and managers in the organizational hierarchy, as well as a self-assessment. "360" refers to the 360 degrees in a circle.

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Regardless of your needs, we can leverage our experience and technology to put together a 360 feedback tool designed specifically for your organization or consulting practice. We will work with you to define how the process should work, use your survey content if you have that, and design a custom report format according to your specifications. To develop managerial competencies in your organization you can create a 360-degree Leadership Assessment. There is an existing model that is developed by Professor Pat Bettin that you can use. See sample reports to learn more about this model. 

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